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No more relying on junk food to sustain your work day. No more weekends spent worrying about how you’re going to manage your health through the busy week. With 20 Shades of Salad, you get meals that fit right into a hectic schedule and satisfy your appetite.

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20 Shades of Salad combines healthy appetites and cultural delights with these 20 fully vegetarian recipes, straight out of the everyday Egyptian kitchen. You can have our dishes at any time of the day and not need to worry about feeling hungry or heavy. They can be prepared as a dipping, a sandwich filling, or a stand alone meal.

(P.S. All recipes allow room for creativity, so don’t hold back!)

A Note from the Author

~ Mai Ahmed ~

This book was a cooking project that I have been dreaming about for the past year now. It was born during an insanely busy time in my life, between juggling my full-time job, house responsibilities, and a baking startup, so I wanted to focus on presenting recipes that can fit right into a hectic schedule (None of the recipes take more than 20 minutes) and still offer a flavorful, healthy diet.

To sum it up, I’m tired of the trope that the life of a vegetarian or a vegan is boring, monotonous, or time-consuming. So, I wrote this book to shut down this stereotype, introduce the endless possibilities of Egyptian cuisines, and fulfil one of my biggest all-time aspirations. I’m delighted to see it finally out there. Thank you for reading and, as we say in Arabic, B el hana w el shefa (Enjoy your meal)!

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